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The Clumber Spaniel is a breed of dog of the spaniel type, developed in the United Kingdom. It is the largest of the spaniels, and comes in predominantly white with either lemon or orange markings. The name of the breed is taken from Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire where the breed was first developed. It is a gundog that specialises in hunting in heavy cover Clumber spaniel. Gruppe: Apporterende hunder Levealder: 9 til 11 år Vekt: 25 til 38 kg Foto: Life on White. Egenskaper. Kosefaktor 6/10 Kommer overens med barn 8/10 Vennlig overfor andre raser 6/10 Aktivitetsnivå 6/10.

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  1. The Clumber Spaniel is a long, low dog, rectangular in shape and with massive bone. This build, in combination with a deep chest, heavy brow and powerful hindquarters, enables the dog to move through thick underbrush when hunting. The coat is straight, flat, soft and dense,.
  2. Clumber Spaniel: FCI: Anerkjent av FCI: FCI nummer: 109 Gruppe 8: Apporterende hunder Seksjon 2: Spaniels: AKC: Anerkjent av AKC Sporting: Naturally active and alert, Sporting dogs make likeable, well-rounded companions
  3. Alle som har en spaniel, eller som er interessert i rasen kan være medlem. Norsk Spaniel Klubb er en raseklubb samarbeidende med Norsk Kennel Klub (NKK) Den letteste måten å bli medlem på er å melde seg inn og betale med kort via hjemmesiden til Norsk Kennel Klubb. Se mer info til venstre eller følg denne linken
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Clumber Spaniels were first shown in England in 1859. The breed was said to have arrived in Canada in 1848 and made its way into the United States. The Clumber Spaniel was first recognized by the AKC in 1884 and was one of the first 9 breeds recognized by the club. Clumbers are pretty rare and hard to find Clumber Spaniels are big solid dogs developed to trot through the fields all day, seeking game birds for the hunter to shoot. So it should go without saying that a daily walk around the block isn't enough exercise. Clumber Spaniels need daily outings in a good-sized enclosed area (yard or dog park) so they can romp about The Clumber Spaniel Club and the Working Clumber Spaniel Society are aware that a number of Clumber Spaniels that have been screened by Embark in the USA have been identified as carriers for PRA with a limited few being found to be At Risk; Embark states that Testing positive (AT RISK) is predictive of a dog being affected by the condition, but it is not a final diagnosis nor does it. The Clumber Spaniel is a long, low, substantial dog. His heavy brow, deep chest, straight forelegs, powerful hindquarters, massive bone and good feet all give him the power and endurance to move. Clumber spaniel (FCI #108) er en stor spaniel formet av britiske oppdrettere på 1800-tallet, men opprinnelsen er både usikker og omdiskutert.. Opprinnelse og alder. Clumber spaniel som hunderase oppsto i Storbritannia på 1800-tallet, men opprinnelsen til denne store og meget kraftfulle spanielen kan ha stått i Frankrike.Sagnet sier nemlig at hertugen av Noailles, Louis de Noailles (1713.

Find Clumber Spaniel Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Clumber Spaniel information. All Clumber Spaniel found here are from AKC-Registered parents While the Clumber spaniel is a relatively rare breed—it ranks at the 143 spot of the AKC's 193 breeds—there is a devoted and committed community of Clumber spaniel breeders in North America. While litters are limited in the United States, it is possible to find a Clumber breeder and secure a position on a waiting list For more, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/dogs-101/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 | Meet the clumber spaniel. Big, beautiful, and loaded with personality

Clumber spaniel puppy for sale Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Clumber spaniel puppy for sale . Email field should not be empty Please enter a valid email address The Clumber Spaniel Club of America and its members are dedicated to the responsible breeding and ownership of the Clumber Spaniel, and promote the interests of the breed through education, cooperation and training. We hope you enjoy your visit and learn something about our breed and our club Clumber Spaniel information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Clumber Spaniels and dog breed mixes. Meet this adaptable, affectionate breed He stunned the spaniel trialing world by winning an AV Novice Field Trial against 15 Springer spaniels in December 2016. This feat has not been achieved in over 100 years. Rigg, handled for us by Roy Ellershaw, made history that day. Since then Rigg has a Certificate of Merit competing in an Open field trial, never before has a Clumber been there

Sep 15, 2018 - Clumber Spaniel Dog. See more ideas about Clumber spaniel, Spaniel dog, Spaniel Clumber Spaniels have long, low-set bodies with long forelegs and powerful hindquarters. They are heavily built and big-boned. They have dignified stature and pensive, intelligent expression. The Clumber Spaniel's double coat is straight with medium length. The under coat is dense and the outer coat is water resistant Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes -28th August 2020. Don't you just love delivery firms! Definitely no in some cases! As we are still keeping to home as much as possible (Tony has still only ventured out into one shop to help me choose new glasses), we tend to order things online T he Clumber Spaniel is the heaviest and slowest of the spaniels. Standing just 20 inches (50.8 cm) tall, the Clumber can weigh up to 85 pounds (38.6 kg). A stocky dog, the Clumber has a massive head, a straight, silky coat, and feathering on legs, stomach, and tail. The coat is white with lemon or orange markings, and sheds year-round

Clumber spaniel er en engelsk, noe kortbent, støtende fuglehundrase. Den ble renavlet like før 1800 på grunnlag av britiske spaniels og franske bassets. Dette er den tyngste av alle spanielrasene. Den har fått navn etter Clumber Park. Clumber spaniel er en stor, sterk hund, som er tyngre og større enn de andre spaniel-hundene. Som fullvoksen har den en høyde på rundt 45-50 cm. Voksne hanner veier 29,5-34 kg og tisper 25-29,5 kg. Den rike, silkeaktige pelsen kommer i hvitt med sitron eller oransje merker, og snuten er fregnet Sugar Loaf Clumber Spaniels. The kennel were founded 2000 with the purpose to breed sound & healthy clumber spaniels for pleasure and fun. During the first ten years our offsprings have had great success in the show ring and also some success in field trials, tracking tests etc. First & foremost the are loved family dogs

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The Clumber Spaniel Club of America These activities are further supported by education of owners, breeders, dog show judges, veterinarians, and the general public and through the CSCA's concern about the health and welfare of Clumber Spaniels by its support of health research and rescue activities At SunMagic Clumber Spaniels we are motivated to provide a respectable performing dog that will represent the Clumber Spaniel breed well. Our focus is multifaceted and includes health, temperament, and proper structure. It is our goal to place all our pups or started dogs in homes that are focused on having a life-lon Clumber Spaniel - History , Character , Way of working & natural abilities , Training » Alles was Sie über diese Rasse wissen sollten « » All you have to know about the breed

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Clumber Spaniel breeder located in Wisconsin, USA. We believe in multi-purpose Clumber Spaniels at Chequamegon. Our dogs are not only show dogs that hunt, but are well loved house dogs. The Clumber Spaniel is a wonderful family companion, please visit our site and see our dogs for additional information Clumber Spaniel Puppies for pet, show or hunting. Our clumber spaniels are house pets and had been health tests. Duetsche is our male that is from Europe. Izzie is out of a CH. Male. She is our hunter

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Field spaniel er en høyreist og edel spaniel, størrelsesmessig midt i mellom cocker spaniel og engelsk springer spaniel. Høyden er 43-48 cm og vekten ca. 18-24 kg. Den har et meget edelt hode med et tenksomt og litt sørgmodig uttrykk. Den skal ha god beinstamme, velutviklet kropp, være stram og velmusklet og ha sunne, frie bevegelser Clumber Park i Nottinghamshire. Det er en svært kraftig hund hvis arbeidstempo er roligere enn hos de øvrige spaniels. Den har siden 1950-tallet utviklet seg til å bli tyngre. Selv om øvre vektgrense er 34 kg, er det åpenbart at flere overstiger dette. Raseentusiaster bør passe på at vekten ikke medfører svekkelse i bakparten Clumber Spaniel is described as a docile, sweet, intelligent and pleasant dog. Among the most low-key and easygoing of the hunting breeds, they are very affectionate, well-behaved, and not very active when mature. Clumbers will get along with other family pets when raised with them. The Clumber Spaniel is a heavy-boned, low to the ground dog wit

Clumber Spaniel Rescue is a non-profit organisation created for the purpose of rescuing, caring for and re-homing Clumber Spaniels who find themselves in distress due to unforeseen circumstances. Clumber Spaniel Rescue does not deal in Clumber Spaniels either as buyer or seller nor does it have paid employees It was at one of these shows that I was introduced to the wonderful Clumber Spaniel through a good friend of my mother's. I fell in love with the breed, and vowed that someday I would own them. At Cupric Clumber, we not only show in conformation, but also work with our dogs in performance, which includes hunting and obedience Our clumber spaniels are from the Danish Kennel Chervoods. They are know all over the world for their beautiful and healthy clumber spaniels. And we are convinced that our loving dogs will form a solid foundation for future puppies Clumber Spaniels are, in a nutshell, sweet-natured companions and family pets that always seems to be on their best behaviour around the home and anywhere else their owners take them. History. The Clumber Spaniel has an interesting history and boasts being one of the oldest spaniel breeds around having been around for over 250 years

Clumber spaniel definition is - any of a breed of large massive heavyset spaniels with a dense silky largely white coat Clumber Spaniel Health and Care. Clumber Spaniels have a general lifespan of about 10 to 12 years and are typically healthy dogs. Like any breed, though, there are certain health conditions to be aware of. Serious health concerns for Clumber Spaniels can include Founded in 1984 to maintain the Clumber spaniel as a natural working gundog. Learn More. THE ORGANISATION FOR THE WORKING CLUMBER SPANIEL. Today the Society is proud to be the organisation for all those interested in seriously working their Clumber spaniel and all supporters and owners of the working type of this intelligent purposeful breed.. Clumber Spaniel er ikke avansert å oppdra, og man trenger ikke nødvendigvis ha hundeerfaring for å anskaffe en hund av denne hunderase. Rasehunden er hverken mer eller mindre fintfølende enn andre rasehunder. Disse hundene har moderat med energi og overskudd i kontrast til andre rasehunder. Rasehunden.

The Clumber Spaniel is not the breed for everyone and anyone, despite what books and various descriptions state. Please make sure that the Clumber Spaniel is indeed a breed that fits your lifestyle and will involve your total commitment where training, socialization and proper overall care is concerned, as well as being a loved, indoor member of the family Paradise Clumber Spaniel Kennels (2020 AKC Westminster Best-Of-Breed Winner) is a registered breeder and the best Clumber Spaniel dog breeder in Virginia Beach, Virginia. EMAIL us for details today Pinkletink Clumber Spaniels. 295 likes · 8 talking about this. Pet Breede Clumber Spaniel Rescue Mission Statement The Rescue & Placement Committee of the Clumber Spaniel Club of America ensures the safety and well-being of any Clumber Spaniel in need. Whether a true rescue from shelters and other endangered situations or a placement, homes relinquishing their Clumber, we offer whatever assistance is needed on an immediate basis Nexus Clumber Spaniels is a small breeding program that has been actively involved in the breed for over 20 years. We continue to strive to produce healthy clumber puppies that make wonderful family companions and competitive show and performance prospects. We have bred dogs that have been hunting companions, along with obedience, agility and tracking competitors

The Clumber Spaniel was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1884 and was prestigiously one of the first 9 breeds to be accepted to the registry. Size The Clumber Spaniel will typically reach heights of 16-20 inches and an average weight of 55-85 pounds. Coat The Clumber Spaniel's coat is very soft, dense and straight The Clumber is the heaviest of the spaniel family and was used to flush game from heavy cover. Spaniel (Clumber) Images for this breed. The Gundog breed group . Dogs that were originally trained to find live game and/or to retrieve game that had been shot and wounded

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  1. The Clumber Spaniel, if a working or sporting dog, will require quite a bit of calorie replenishment and quality protein diet. Meat should be the first ingredient, and you should steer clear of filler, corn, soy and wheat. First, how much your Clumber Spaniel eats will depend on how active the dog is, their metabolism rate and their age
  2. Find Clumber Spaniel dogs and puppies from Pennsylvania breeders. It's also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site
  3. The Clumber Spaniel is one of the oldest of the spaniels dating back to the18th century. Though the exact origin of the breed is not known, it is likely that late in the 1700s, the now extinct Alpine Spaniel and the Basset Hound were bred along with the possibility of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog (Great Pyrenees) and Saint Bernard
  4. Clumber Spaniel Temperament and Personality. According to the breed standard, the Clumber Spaniel is loyal and affectionate with his family. He can be reserved with strangers, but is usually never aggressive or shy. Good words to describe him include steady, reliable, kind, and dignified -- but don't let his dignified demeanor fool you
  5. Clumber Spaniels are the stockiest spaniel of the group. These somewhat rare dogs are big both in body and in personality. They combine hound-like tracking abilities with spaniel-like hunting skills, making Clumbers a valued part of any hunting expedition lucky enough to have one along

Clumber Spaniel Trivia: The Clumber Spaniel was first bred in France in 1768. Clumber Spaniels were initially developed by the Duke of Noailles, who sent them to the Duke of Newcastle, an English family member, so the dogs would be safe from the French Revolution Comedy Clumber Spaniels. 1 092 liker dette · 2 snakker om dette. Clumbers bred to show one day and hunt the next. Our goal since 1992 *Beauty *Bird Dogs *Best Friends Puppies available very rarely The Clumber Spaniel is not for everyone. Do your research before purchasing or adopting any breed of dog. 337-274-4248 337-274-4249. Webmaster for this page is Maria Parisi. Web Designs By Maria ©2009-2019 Cajun Clumbers. All. Buy Clumber Spaniel Collectables and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many item Clumber spaniel (FCI #108) er en stor spaniel formet av britiske oppdrettere på 1800-tallet, men opprinnelsen er både usikker og omdiskutert. 20 relasjoner

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Clumber Spaniel røyter, og pelsstell bør inngå i det daglige stellet til denne hunderase. Selv om hyppig stell av pelsen strengt tatt ikke er nødvendig, bidrar det til økt trivsel. Clumber Spaniel responderer godt på lydighetstrening, og omtales som en hunderase det er lett å ha med å gjøre (men alle hunder er forskjellige) Clumber Spaniel Find DNA Tests. Search Keywords. Species. Breed. Type of Test. Intensity Dilution. The intensity coat color gene variant causes an extreme dilution of phaeomelanin (red or yellow pigment), resulting in a cream to white. Clumber spaniels synonyms, Clumber spaniels pronunciation, Clumber spaniels translation, English dictionary definition of Clumber spaniels. also clum·ber spaniel n. A dog of a breed developed in England, having a stocky body and a silky, predominantly white coat. n a type of thickset spaniel..

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The Clumber Spaniel is a large, heavily built dog, and it does have a tendency to excessive weight gain, which owners must guard against so as not to exacerbate any hip problems. It has a broad skull with pronounced frontal ridges, exaggerating the shape of the prominent eyebrows Clumber Spaniel's historie . Opprinnelsen til Clumber spaniel er gjenstand for spekulasjoner, men enten Frankrike eller England kan sannsynligvis gjøre krav på denne staselige spaniel. Rasen har definitivt eksistert siden 1700-tallet da den var etterspurt med adel på jakt etter en jaktkompis for å spyle fugler

Clumber spaniel, breed of sporting dog, the heaviest of the spaniel family, said to have originated in France before the French Revolution.The breed takes its name from Clumber Park in Nottingham, England, then the seat of the dukes of Newcastle. Developed by the British, the Clumber spaniel became a favourite of royalty, including Prince Albert, Edward VII, and George V Clumber spaniel definition, one of an English breed of short-legged, stocky spaniels having a chiefly white coat, used especially for retrieving game. See more Chip and Shelley Miller SunMagic is home to Clumber Spaniels who successfully compete in a variety of venues including conformation, obedience/rally, tracking, barn hunt and hunting. We began our involvement with Clumber Spaniels in 2006 where we had the opportunity to learn from several established breeders. It was t Clumber Spaniel. The Clumber Spaniel was developed by the Dukes of Newcastle and their gamekeepers. The breed takes its modern name from the Duke of Newcastle's Nottingham country estate of Clumber Park, which is now a National Trust property and lies in the north of the famous Sherwood Forest 2. Where Clumber Spaniels Came From. The breed originated in France and has Basset Hounds and Alpine Spaniels in its ancestry. However, according to Dr. Ross D. Clark, DVM, author of Medical, Genetic & Behavioral Risk Factors of Clumber Spaniels and Sussex Spaniels, another theory is that the Clumber Spaniel descended from the Blenheim Spaniel

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  1. CLUMBER SPANIEL (109) Group : n°8 - Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs. Date of publication of the standard: English CLUMBER SPANIEL: 1/12/2011: Français CLUMBER SPANIEL: 2/22/2012: Deutsch CLUMBER SPANIEL: 1/20/2012: Español CLUMBER SPANIEL: 1/12/2011: Section
  2. The Clumber Spaniel is massive, first and foremost a gun dog, they may look heavy and stubby, but are very good hunters. They have broad square head, wide across the top with a brownish or flesh colored nose. The neck is thick, heavy, and feathered at the throat, and the tail is short-fringed
  3. Clumber Spaniels do have a tendency to be mischievous and get into things which they shouldn't even as they grow out of the puppy stage. However, as they age, they become more inactive. Brushes for Clumber Spaniel. Pin Brush. Comb. Nail Clipper. Brushing Frequency. Daily Weekly Monthly
  4. a, fine noses and do very well in dense underbrush. They have been used to hunt partridge and pheasant and can be trained to retrieve

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A Clumber Spaniel is only about 20 inches tall, at maximum, but large males can weigh up to 85 pounds. Clumbers were bred to be short and heavy, so they could plow through thick underbrush while. The Clumber Spaniel was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1884 and was prestigiously one of the first 9 breeds to be accepted to the registry. Clumberdoodle Character. The Clumber Spaniel is a very sweet, loyal and affectionate breed that is not overly active once they have reached maturity Clumber Spaniel Dogs adopted on Rescue Me! Donate. Adopt Clumber Spaniel Dogs in Florida. Filter. This map shows how many Clumber Spaniel Dogs are posted in other states. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. Recent Adoptions. Read Success Stories. VIEW.

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Clumber Spaniels are very eager to please and adore children. They also get along well with other family pets. They're very loyal to their family, but wary of strangers. Temperament: This breed is good with children, yet can be aloof with strangers. Care: The Clumber Spaniel requires frequent brushing and at least bi-monthly trimming. Training The Clumber spaniel breed dates back to the latter part of the sixteenth century during the French Revolution of 1789. Stories told that during the revolution, a French duke (Duc de Noailles) saved the breed by sending the dogs to the duke's Clumber Park Estate, where the breed acquired its name We are members of the Clumber Spaniel Club of America, The Clumber Spaniels Fanciers of Michigan, The Clumber Spaniel Club (UK) and American Spaniel Club. Although our focus is on temperament, health, and companionship, we have also been very successful in the show ring with over 60 champion Clumbers bred, handled, owned and/or co-owned

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